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Macerator pumps – The basics

At the Basement Sump and Pump Co we are receiving an ever increasing number of enquiries about macerator pumps. To help people looking at having a macerator pump installed and indeed people who already have one installed here is our brief guide to some key points about macerators.

What is the function of a macerator pump?

Toilet with a maceratorA macerator looks very much like a standard toilet and occupies about the same amount of floor space. But instead of draining the flushed water down into the floor, the system transports it through a pump contained in a small box, typically located behind the toilet and against the wall.

Macerator pumps interact with toilets in, for example, basement situations. The macerator decreases the size of the waste through grinding any waste. The razor sharp blades contained in the macerator pump grind the semi-solid waste allowing for an easy and quick flow. As macerators contain a pump they are ideal for toilets within basements as the waste can be pumped to the necessary exit point.

How does a macerator pump work?

The best way to explain this is to show you! Here we see an example of a Saniflow system system:

The importance of macerator servicing

In all toilet systems the waste water collected from the macerator contains solid organic residues, toilet paper and other similar solids. If there are any unsuitable materials that have been flushed away may clog the mechanisms and cause a blockage. Items such as baby wipes, paper towels, sanitary towels, carrier bags and condoms can cause blockages.Macerator Servicing

There are few things in life more unpleasant than the thought of having to unblock a clogged macerator. Trust the Basement Sump & Pump Co to keep your macerator in tip top condition with an annual ‘Clean & Check’.  We will check all the major components of the system and ensure that there are no blockages to impede its performance.

To obtain a quotation for a ‘Clean & Check’ of your macerator simply call our customer services team on 0800 019 9949 and we’ll be delighted to help you further.

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