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Top 5 Questions about Sump Pumps

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Here at the Basement Sump & Pump Company we get lots of customers asking us for advice about their sump pump. Many of our customers have never even heard of a sump pump before! But don’t worry; we are here to help ensure your sump pump runs as smooth as possible and provide you with all the information you need to keep your basement warm and dry.

What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a pump used to remove excess water from a chamber, which also known as a sump. Water may collect in the chamber from excess groundwater, channelled from a perimeter drainage system, or from rainwater. They’re commonly found in basements which are below the water table.

Sump pumps are usually made of metal or plastic and are commonly submersed inside the chamber. When the water level inside the chamber reaches a certain level, the pump will turn on automatically and drain the water away to a convenient drain off point. Some pumps also have an alarm to let you know when the water level is too high. Other pumps come with a battery back-up system so they can work in the event of power failure.

Sump pump

Why do I need my sump pump serviced?

Once your sump pump is installed, it’s easy to forget it is even there. Many people only become aware that they have a sump pump fitted if suddenly their basement starts to flood. Flooding can occur if your pump has broken, if the pump isn’t powerful enough or if there is a blockage in your perimeter channel.

An annual service may be required to validate any insurance or guarantee on your basement in the event of a flood and to avoid any loss of personal property that may be housed near your pump. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure your pump is functioning properly.

How often should I get my sump pump serviced?

To keep your sump pump in good working condition, we recommend having a service every 12 months. However, some pumps are used more frequently than others. For example: We attend many pumps in London that are heavily used due to a build-up of silt in their basement drainage channels, so in such instances, we would recommend a service every 6 months to ensure the pump is working as it should. The Basement Sump & Pump Company can offer competitive discounts to customers who require a service every 6 months.

Your pump will also be heavily used if it disposes of water from a washing machine or dishwasher. We also service sewage pumps, which may require a deep clean every other year. This can be assessed at the time of your pump service.

What do I do if my sump pump alarm goes off?

In the event of your alarm sounding, don’t panic! Sometimes condensation will make contact with the sensor inside the chamber and set off your alarm. To find out if the water level inside you pump is too high, then listen to see if your pump is running constantly. It will sound similar to a dishwasher. The pump may be continuously running for various reasons, most of which can be easily fixed.

If you need an engineer to inspect your pump, give us a call on 0800 019 9949 and we will endeavour to get someone out to help you as soon as possible.

How long will my sump pump last?

Submersible sump pumps generally last up to 10 years if not longer. Regular service will ensure your pump lasts as long as possible. As submersible pumps can be expensive to replace, it will be cheaper for you in the long run to prolong the life of your sump pump. However, it is always worthwhile checking with the manufacturer of your pump to find out how long they advise the manufacturers warranty is valid for.

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The Basement Sump Pump introduces our newly designed and responsive site

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To improve our customer experience at The Basement Sump Pump we proud to introduce our new and responsive site. The Basement Sump Pump website is now redesigned to have a more modern feel with improvements made to the overall usability of the site. We not only wanted to make improvements to the design of the site but to make the site fully responsive – meaning that the site looks great on your phone as well as your laptop.

The redesign of the site was created with the visitors in mind and to improve the experience for the user. By improving the experience the aim is to make it easier than ever for our visitors to become customers.

The feel of ease is very important to make the visitor’s journey much easier. To ensure all the information about our services are made easily accessible to our customers, the layout and the sites navigation were carefully measured.
The feel of ease is very important to make the visitor’s journey much easier. To ensure all the information about our services are made easily accessible to our customers, the layout and the sites navigation were carefully measured.

The Changes we have made to the Site:

Introducing the Parallax Scroll

“The what scroll?!” – Although this sounds techy there is a simple explanation! On the homepage, you will see that that the background image will move at a slower rate than the foreground which creates an illusion of the image being 3D once scrolling down the page. This is known as the parallax scroll.

Faster Page Speed and Efficiency

Page loading time is an annoyance for anyone who visits any site so by making improvements to the back-end of our site we have decreased the page load times. This means our visitors can find exactly what they want without having to spend much time waiting for pages to load.

Sleek, New Look and Design

We felt that the site needed to be brought into the 21st century. So, we have given it an extra clean finish to ensure that distractions are eliminated allowing our visitors to focus on the most important aspect of the site, the content.

Responsive Design

Mobile is a main part in everyone’s daily life so here at The Basement Sump and Pump, we not only wanted to make the site look attractive but also be able to function on all screen sizes and resolutions.

Our goal is to improve the visitor’s experience and to ensure that The Basement Sump and Pump is the go-to company for sump pump servicing. If you have any problems with your sump pump then please call 0800 019 9949 or visit our Request a Clean & Check Service page.