Sewage pumps

Advice for people with sewage pumps or sewage grinders (Macerators).

Although at the Basement Sump and Pump Co we do not service macerators we are often asked for advice by home-owners who have them installed as part of their basement installation. Below we have collated some advice for owners of properties with macerators

Sewage pumps have to move solids  through the pump as opposed to sewage  grinders that cut solids into smaller pieces that can then easily pass through the impeller and discharge pipes. In both cases though there is the potential for the impeller to become clogged as a result of our modern lifestyles and our waster disposal habits.

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Sewage Grinders

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Mr J Smith – Manchester
18th March 2016

Typically, home-owners will only become aware of problems with their sewage pump when the pump becomes jammed and there is a backup of waste. This is not a problem which is going to go away by itself!  Often, the problems causing the pump to stop working are usually because of the items being placed into the sewage grinder.

Things not to flush down the toilet – taking care of macerator toilets

To help you keep your sewage grinder / macerator working in tip top condition we have compiled our list of the top items that you should not flush down the toilet. These are all items that could result in a clogged macerator pump:

  • – Disposable baby wipes – even products described as ‘biodegradable’ or ‘OK for use in septic systems’
  • – Latex condoms / gloves – these products are ordinarily not biodegradable and can can also clog impellers
  • – Paper towels / tissues – these items do not break down easily unlike normal toilet paper.
  • – Sanitary towels / tampons
  • – Plastic bags – incredibly people do flush plastic bags down lavatories!
  • – Cotton wool buds – although small in volume these have been known to clog pump impellers.

If you have a grinder / macerator pump the items above can clog the impeller and cause expensive pump damage and can even cause the motor to burnout.

A big problem with sewage grinders/ macerators which many people do not think of is dental floss. Most people floss their teeth and then throw the dental floss into the waste basket. However,there are many people who flush used dental floss down the toilet. This dental floss can accumulate in the sewage grinder tank and can eventually become tangled in the grinder mechanism. This can then cause the sewage pump to stop working and potentially a backup to occur.