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Servicing of basement sewage pumps

I know it’s not nice to think about……but yes, even sewage pumps also need to be serviced regularly to ensure they are performing as they should.  Our sewage pump engineer recently visited a property in London where the sewage pump for the lavatory in the basement was playing up and as a result causing distress to the home owner. 

Dirty sewage pump

Clean sewage pump

 After a thorough “Clean & Check” and full power-wash down the sewage pump was as good as new and running just as it should do! The sewage pump had gone without a service for over 2 years but is now on a regular maintenance schedule to ensure it remains trouble free.

Arranging a service  for your basement sewage pump

To obtain a quotation for the servicing of your basement sewage pump / macerator pump simply call 0800 019 9949 or for more information visit our basement sewage pump maintenance page.