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The Basement Sump and Pump Specialists

We are the basement sump and pump specialists with over 15 years of experience. We specialise in installing, cleaning, servicing and maintaining sump and pumps for all types of properties from small terraced housing to large commercial projects.

Our engineers are experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of basement sump pumps and control panels having serviced and installed for many years. These pumps include those manufactured by Delta Membranes, Zoeller Pumps, Triton, Basement Systems and John Newtons to name a few.

We are also members of the Basement Waterproofing Association and The Property Care Association so you can be assured that the work carried out will be to the highest of standards.

Planned Basement Pump Servicing

We are specialists in working with customers to provide planned service, clean and checks or sump clear outs. We schedule 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual appointments depending on the usage and environment.

At the very minimum we recommend a residential pumping station is serviced annually. This depends on the risks and use of the system and the geology of the property. More often than not our customers prefer a 6 monthly service, clean and check.

For commercial premises where there may be greater use, we recommend, in line with British Standards to have your sump pumps serviced, cleaned and checked every 3 months.

Why Choose Us?

Highly Trained Technicians

Our highly trained technicians are experts in their field and only work on basement sump pumps so you can be safe in the knowledge that the basement system is in good hands.


As members of the PCA, you can be confident that the Basement Sump & Pump Co work to the highest industry standards, giving you peace of mind that your basement is in safe hands.

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to make sure that all our customers are satisfied and that we provide a first class experience.

Services We Offer

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How To Prevent Your Basement Flooding?

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When it comes to year round management of your property, you can never be too careful when it comes to making sure that your basement is as safe and secure from flooding as possible. That’s why when it comes to preventing your basement from flooding there are a few handy steps you can take to

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What is a Sewage Pumping Station?

A sewage system consists of a large tank with pipes that carry the sewage from the property to the main sewers. Normally, these networks of pipes rely on gravity transporting the waste to the main sewer however, this is not the case for buildings that are located in low lying areas. If the main sewer

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Why Do You Need A Battery Backup for An Existing Sump Pump System?

No matter which type of sump pump system you have installed, it may at some point eventually fail as a result of a power outage. It is therefore important that the Battery Backup pump is working to ensure that the sump pump system will still be working to keep the basement dry whilst there are

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The Importance of a Sump Pump Drainage System

The sump pump is a part of the basement waterproofing system and is an essential component so that the basement does not flood. The other key part of the waterproofing system that it works in conjunction with the basement drainage channels. These two elements work together to deal with any potential water ingress problems and

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WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS- Coronavirus Update

The UK Government has made it clear that it wants us to return to work. We are open for business for our full range of services. These include sump and pump servicing, annual clean and check, and tanker cleaning. Please call or email us and we can help you with any of these requirements. How

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Macerator Toilet Problems

Macerator toilets are commonly used in homes across the UK and remove waste when it is flushed from below the drainage line. Macerator systems are quiet and powerful but there can sometimes be problems. Macerator toilet pumps can fail, block or even break. We have provided a list below of the potential problems related to

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Why is My Sump Pump Making a Loud Noise?

One of the most commonly asked questions we have from customers at The Basement Sump and Pump Company is “Why is my sump pump system making a loud noise?” Most sump pumps do make some form of noise if the waterproofing system is working correctly. However, there are several factors that can cause the sump

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Frequently asked questions about Macerator Pumps

Our Basement Sump and Pump experts have pulled together a list of the most frequently asked questions that we have received regarding problems with macerators. The most frequently asked questions, regarding macerator pumps are as follows; What is A Macerator Pump? A macerator is a pump that is attached to a toilet that grinds up,

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I have a waterproofing system but my basement floods every time it rains

As we start to see the back of Storm Dennis, this doesn’t mean we are in the clear. The Met Office has forecasted further heavy showers in the next few days and with this comes the increased risk of flooding, does your basement flood every time it rains? How Should My Waterproofing System Protect My

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Why is My Sump Pump Not Working?

Sump Pump Power Outage Sump Pump System is Frozen or Clogged Lack of Maintenance Float Switch is Not Working Corrosion of the Sump Pump Blocked Impeller The Valve Has Stopped Working A common question that is often asked by our customers is “Why is my sump pump not working?” The sump pump unit is perhaps

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Technician installing sump pump

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

You’ve probably heard of sump pumps before. They are often mentioned by people after severe flooding or heavy storms. It’s unusual that you will hear people moaning about them, instead you will hear people talking about how the sump pump has saved their home, ensuring that they aren’t knee deep in water and their home

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Everything You Need To Know About Macerators & Sewage Pumps

A macerator pump is a fast-moving rotating blade that breaks up toilet waste through piping and into a sewer or septic tank. They’re compact units usually found in bathrooms at the back of your toilet. If you need your macerator serviced please get in touch and we can provide you with more information on 0800

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Top 5 Questions about Sump Pumps

Here at the Basement Sump & Pump Company we get lots of customers asking us for advice about their sump pump. Many of our customers have never even heard of a sump pump before! But don’t worry; we are here to help ensure your sump pump runs as smooth as possible and provide you with

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The Basement Sump Pump introduces our newly designed and responsive site

To improve our customer experience at The Basement Sump Pump we proud to introduce our new and responsive site. The Basement Sump Pump website is now redesigned to have a more modern feel with improvements made to the overall usability of the site. We not only wanted to make improvements to the design of the

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Annual checks at the ready for summer!

As the UK has had its fair share of wet weather already this year, we should start preparing  for yet another typical British summer. Don’t be fooled by a short spell of sunshine, enquires have already been “flowing” in for sump and pump checks. Most home owners miss their annual checks or forget to arrange

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Fatty deposits and pumps

People never really give a second thought about what they tip away down the sink – here though is one very good reason why you should! We were called out to a routine 6 monthly ‘Clean and Check’ at the home of a customer who was blissfully unaware of the potential damage that was been

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Guess What’s hiding underneath all the lime scale?

An ode to a ‘Clean and Check’ Two sad pumps sitting in their sump, both neglected and unloved, I’m not surprised they had the hump! Then along come Rod armed with his ‘Clean and Check kit, he’d soon make sure that both were fighting fit! As the first pump was lifted you could hear a sound of glee, and the

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The basement pump – the forgotten hero!

At the bottom of the basement lies a forgotten hero. This piece of equipment works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  for 52 weeks of the year keeping the basement a dry usable living space – I am of course talking about the basement sump and pump unit.  Below we can see some

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Spot the difference time!

Here we have 2 pictures of the same pumping system that has benefited from a “Clean & Check” service from the Basement Sump & Pump Co The difference is plain to see! All the components of the system on the right hand side were “Cleaned & Checked” resulting in peace of mind for the home

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How much dirt and grime in a year?

When our engineers take a pump out to clean most of our customers are shocked at just how much dirt and build up of scales can happen over a year between “Clean and Checks”. As the photo here shows, this pump  had a service only a year ago and in that time the basement pump

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Don’t forget to have your basement pump serviced!

We all tend to forget how hard electrical equipment works whilst it’s working, but when the unthinkable happens and it breaks down we start to panic! Just think if your boiler broke down in the dead of winter! Your basement sump and pump unit is is no different, as limescale builds up on and around the pump and in the sump this

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It’s amazing what you find in a basement sump!

It’s amazing what our engineers find when they are cleaning out sump pump units.  Here we have a photo taken by one of our London maintenance engineers whilst performing a ‘Clean & Check’ pump service on a commercial pump unit in a London basement. The basement waterproofing system that was in place did not have any

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Mud in the Sump!!

Here’s another great example of what our engineers find in customers sumps.  On a recent annual ‘Clean & Check’ visit our engineer prepared to start the cleaning of the sump – nothing strange there, until he looked inside the sump and found 3 inches of mud  in the bottom of the sump! The customers property had a

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The mystery of the foul smell in the kitchen…

One of our basement pump engineers visited a  property recently after we received a phone call from a concerned customer in London worring about a bad smell in her kitchen that seemed to be coming from the basement. Upon arrival at the property there indeed appeared to be an odour coming from the basement but only upon opening

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Before and after – what a difference a “Clean & Check” makes!

Heres two great pics of a basement pump unit before and after cleaning. The before picture clearly shows the lime build up on the pump unit and the after showing a clean unit after descaling. I know which pump I’d want protecting my basement and keeping it dry!

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