Here’s another great example of what our engineers find in customers sumps.  On a recent annual ‘Clean & Check’ visit our engineer prepared to start the cleaning of the sump – nothing strange there, until he looked inside the sump and found 3 inches of mud  in the bottom of the sump! The customers property had a stream running nearby which as a result caused unexpected levels of mud and silt build up in the sump.

Our engineer removed all the mud from the sump and gave the sump and pump unit a thorough service leaving it in tip top condition and ready for another 12 months work. If the customer had neglected the pump and not had it serviced it would have tried to suck up the mud up along with any water that was in the sump. This would have caused either the pump to burn out or the impellers to split – either way incurring costs as a result.

Look after your basement with a ‘Clean & Check’ Service

To keep your basement sump and pump in tip top condition simply call us to arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ – don’t forget if you do not get your pump serviced you may also be invalidating your guarantee! Simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line request form for more information.