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Don’t forget to have your basement pump serviced!

We all tend to forget how hard electrical equipment works whilst it’s working, but when the unthinkable happens and it breaks down we start to panic! Just think if your boiler broke down in the dead of winter! 

Your basement sump and pump unit is is no different, as limescale builds up on and around the pump and in the sump this can cause the pump to operate at reduced efficiency and ultimately could lead to an untimley breakdown when you least expect it. 

An annual ‘Clean & Check’ will help to keep you sump pump unit in tip top condition.  The photo to the left shows a sump pump unit  after one of our engineers has serviced the pump.  Can you really afford not to have your sump pump unit serviced?

Arranging a sump and pump service is easy!

To have your basement sump and pump unit serviced simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line service request form and we’ll contact you to arrange a convenient time for your pump to be serviced. What could be easier?

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It’s amazing what you find in a basement sump!

It’s amazing what our engineers find when they are cleaning out sump pump units.  Here we have a photo taken by one of our London maintenance engineers whilst performing a ‘Clean & Check’ pump service on a commercial pump unit in a London basement.

The basement waterproofing system that was in place did not have any filters on the inlets, allowing all manner of things to enter the sump pump unit and potentially cause problems to the impeller. All the items you can see in the photo were actually stuck in the impeller!

Thankfully the Basement Sump & Pump Co got to this pump in time but if left funchecked performance would have been seriously impeded creating a potential flood risk.

Servicing your basement with a ‘Clean & Check’ Service

To make sure your basement sump and pump is in tip top condition simply call us to arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ – don’t forget if you do not get your pump serviced you may also be invalidating your guarantee! Simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line request form for more information.

lewis barwick
lewis barwick
19:07 06 Jul 18
I called up for a service which was promptly booked in. Mark was friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be having you back next year. Many thanks, more
alan holmes
alan holmes
09:59 28 Jun 18
Mark arrived early, protected floor surfaces and carried out the service with good knowledge of the site from doing the initial installation and previous service visitsread more
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