Why is My Sump Pump Making a Loud Noise?

Sump pump in basement

March 23, 2020

One of the most commonly asked questions we have from customers at The Basement Sump and Pump Company is “Why is my sump pump system making a loud noise?” Most sump pumps do make some form of noise if the waterproofing system is working correctly.

However, there are several factors that can cause the sump pump system to make a louder noise than normal. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • The type of sump pump that is installed
  • How airtight the sump pump is
  • The amount of lubrication of the pumps and pipes
  • The location of the pump compared to the sump pit

When the Basement Sump and Pump Company carries out sump pump installation at your property, all the factors mentioned are taken into consideration. Our team aims to provide quiet running and high performing waterproofing systems.

Reasons Why A Sump Pump Maybe Noisy When Running

If the sump pump pit is not covered this can be one of the obvious reasons why there might be a loud noise from your sump pump when it is running.

If there are gurgling water noises this usually means that the sump pump system is working as it should. The noise is caused by the water passing through the pipework.

sump pump lid covered

Sump pump lid covered

To ensure you cannot hear this noise we would recommend making sure that the sump pump pit is covered with an airtight lid.

The Age of the Sump Pump System

The older sump pump models that were constructed from PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) generate a lot more noise than the newer systems that have durable cast iron pumps. The pedestal sump pumps are the loudest models of all the sump pump systems.

Newer pumps have self lubricating motors that run a lot more quietly. If the system you are using has a motor that is noisy and you have had the system installed for a long period of time, then it is probably best to contact a specialist to look at installing a newer pump.

The Pump Extends Out of The Sump Pit

One of the most common causes of a noisy pumping system is that the sump pump system is not actually placed within the sump pit.

If the system is not correctly placed, underneath the ground, then the noise will more than likely echo around your basement.

Clanging Noise from Discharge Pipe

As any water discharges through the pipework, it can cause the pipe to vibrate and rattle against the sump pump lid.

Measures can be taken to reduce this issue, such as, wrapping insulation around the pipe which will reduce the sound once the pipework encounters the wall.

Rubber stoppers can also be used to reduce the noise of the pump, these are placed between the discharge pipe and the liner of the sump pump lid.

Install and Service Your Sump Pump System

At the Basement Sump and Pump Company, we aim to ensure that every sump pump system runs as quietly and smoothly as possible. Not only do we install new basement pumping systems but we also provide basement pump servicing as well.

We work with the very best manufacturers such as, Newton Waterproofing, Delta Members and Zoeller so you can be assured that your basement system is in safe hands. So if your sump pump is not working correctly then we are here to help no matter what the sump pump problem might be.

You can get in touch with our highly trained professionals by clicking the link down below or by calling 0800 019 9949.

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  1. Anne

    My neighbours sump pump has been fitted proud of the ground and is ‘boxed in’. It is on 24/7 and the noise therefore is continuous. It is placed near the boundary to my large garden and I only have few places that I can sit without hearing the noise. Luckily I live in Pembrokeshire so it rains or is windy, so the natural noises are distracting!
    I have had the council out a couple of times and sent them noise diaries but they have not taken action.
    I was told that this system has been incorrectly placed I e should have been sunk in the ground.
    Please advise as I need to know re court action & chance of winning.
    Ind regards

  2. Rob

    In order to assess if the pump is installed correctly or the correct type of pump we would need to attend the property, however, this would need to be arranged by the property owner. In relation to the noise complaint, this is a domestic dispute and would need to be resolved between the two parties or via noise complaints to the council.

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