The Importance of a Sump Pump Drainage System


July 30, 2020

The sump pump is a part of the basement waterproofing system and is an essential component so that the basement does not flood. The other key part of the waterproofing system that it works in conjunction with the basement drainage channels. These two elements work together to deal with any potential water ingress problems and keep the basement environment dry.

The design of the sump pump discharge line is an important part to prevent clogs from occurring and ensures that the system works at optimum efficiency. The problems that affect what happens outside of the basement effects the amount of water that can enter the basement and cause flooding.

It is important to ensure that water is kept away from the foundation of the property so that it will not lead to leaks inside of the basement.

If water from the sump pump’s discharge line is discharged in the wrong location it can lead to problems with the discharged water that has been pumped out finding its way back into the basement.

Features of Sump Pump Discharge Lines in the Drainage System

Problems with your sump pump discharge lines will cause the system to run continuously meaning that the basement waterproofing system will have a shortened life span. There are features within the sump pump drainage system that can make all the difference between having a full working system and a dry basement to having a potentially flooded basement.

Sump Pump Check Valve

The sump pump check valve is a section of the discharge line and its main purpose is to pump water into the discharge line. By doing this the water will not come back into the sump pit. This is an important feature of the sump pump drainage system as every time the pump is turned off the sump pump will have to pump the water out again.

The failure of the sump pump check valve can be a real problem, as this will cause an increase in the usage of the pump leading to an unnecessary increase in wear and tear. Sump pump check valve failure can also increase the chance of the system breaking down.

Discharge Lines Will Need Freeze Protection

It is possible during the colder months of the year that the discharge line will freeze over. The danger if this happens is that the whole sump pump system will stop completely. If the water cannot find an exit point out of the waterproofing system, then it will eventually cause your basement to flood.

To stop this from happening The Basement Sump and Pump Company will install discharge line fittings which dramatically reduce the chances of the discharge line freezing. There are also additional holes on the top of the fittings which will allow the excess water to escape out of the basement.

Discharge Line Openings

The opening section of the discharge line is one of the weakest points of the entire waterproofing system. This is because the openings are susceptible to becoming clogged with dirt and debris. This will result in the sump pump system ceasing to function and therefore lead to the basement being flooded.

When installed by a professional sump pump company the discharge line opening will have a grated opening and a plastic design which will help prevent clogging from happening.

How do Perimeter Drainage Channels Work with Sump Pump System?

Perimeter drainage channels are, as the name suggests, installed around the perimeter of the basement They have several holes in the channel which allow water from the cavity drain membrane to enter the channel.

The collected water is then dispersed from the drainage channel into the sump chamber. Once the water has been collected in the sump chamber, it is then pumped out of the basement to a safe evacuation point. The advantages of having a perimeter drainage channel fitted are the following:

  • Where there are areas of the waterproofing system have failed, the perimeter drainage channel is used to solve these issues
  • The perimeter drainage channel helps to relieve the pressure from groundwater to assist in maintaining a dry habitable basement

Having a Sump Pump Drainage System Installed by a Professional

Having your waterproofing system working effectively is important to ensure the risk of your basement flooding is kept to a minimum. Both the sump pump and perimeter drainage channels need to be installed and maintained by waterproofing professionals. A poor installation may lead to the problem not been resolved and could mean incurring extra unwanted costs in the near future to put it right.

At the Basement Sump and Pump Company, we have engineers with over 15 years of experience in providing basement sump and pump services to sorting out your flooded basement problems.

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