What Are The Problems With Sewage Pumping Stations?


April 29, 2021

Ordinarily, a sewage system works by having pipes from the property running to the main sewers. The process usually happens through gravity where the waste can flow straight through to the sewer but there are situations where this is not possible.

If the property is situated lower than where the mains sewer is located, then this is where a sewage pumping station works well on providing an alternative solution to enable waste to run to the mains sewer.

Problems with a Sewage Pumping Station

A sewage pumping station is a great solution to ensure that waste can flow easily from your property to the main sewers, however, even the best pumping system can have problems. We would first like to say that to ensure serious problems do not occur then maintenance should be carried out on a regular basis. So, what are the problems with sewage pumping stations? We have described each of the common problems below:

The Toilet is Backing Up

One of the most common problems that can happen with pumping stations is that the toilet can become backed up. While pumps are designed to reduce blockages from happening, this can occur if not regularly maintained. Toilets can become backed up due to what people have flushed down the toilet and into the system.

For example: fats or waxy deposits can clog up the pumping chamber. When this occurs then this is when problems start to happen, and the sewage pump system will eventually not work, leading to the unpleasant situation of the toilet becoming backed up.

A clear indication that the sewage pumping station is not working properly is that there will be an unpleasant smell of sewage odour present. If you start to smell unpleasant odours then contact your professional local sewage pump engineer.

The Pump is Not Turning On

There are a number of reasons why your pump in your sewage pumping station will not be turning on and this can be down to several factors:

  • The impeller in the pump has become jammed from too much debris.
  • The pump is not receiving enough electricity.
  • The pump has broken down completely.
  • There is a problem with the float switch.

sewage pump not working properly

The Pump Not Turning Off

Just like the pump not turning on, then there are also problems with the pump not turning off. However, the reason for the pump not turning off is different. If there is a problem with the control float switch, such as it being out of position then the pump could remain on. One of the most recognisable signs that your pump is not turning off is that you might see a sudden spike in your electricity bills.

Broken Pipes

Having broken pipes in both your sewage and sump pumps is a common occurrence and if not dealt with earlier enough can lead to wastewater flooding. The signs to look for this happening is that there could be mould issues, cracks appearing in the foundations or the toilet is backing up.

Fixing broken pipes is not an easy task to carry out and can be expensive to repair. If you notice any of the signs that you are suffering from broken pipes, then contact a professional immediately.

To reduce the chances of flooding, we would always recommend that having regular servicing and maintenance can ensure that any problems are spotted earlier enough and acted on to ensure the problem does not worsen.

Alarm Making A Loud Sound

When the alarm in your sewage pump starts making sounds it is as a result of there been high water levels in the system. When there are high water levels, we recommend contacting a sewage pump specialist as your property is at risk of flooding.

How Sewage Pumping Station Maintenance Can Help

Most of the sewage pumping problems we have listed above can be identified and rectified through regular maintenance. Having a pump engineer carry out pumping station maintenance will ensure the sewage pump system is working effectively and efficiently on a regular basis.

This can stop any issues leading to potential flooding problems that could occur in the future. While we have explained the potential problems with sewage pump stations that does not mean that you should avoid having one. I

f you have a property that is low levelled, then it is a great solution for transporting waste from the property to the main sewers. Regular maintenance can help ensure it provides you with many years of trouble-free service.

Getting in Touch With Our Sewage Pump Specialists

If you are suffering from any problems relating to sewage pumping stations, then contact our team at The Basement Sump and Pump Co. If you are looking for regular servicing for your sewage pump, then get in touch by calling 0800 019 9949 or contact us online.

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