The Most Popular Types of Basement Conversion

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October 27, 2021

Your basement is a space that if well cared for and protected can add some real, high quality value onto the price of your home.

If you have a basement, or cellar, and are looking to commit some money to the improvement of it into a liveable, usable and desirable space then its worth considering what’s possible, and learning more about the most popular types of basement conversions being fitted in the basements across the UK.

An Extra Living Room

One of the most popular types of basement conversion being installed into properties around the UK is an extra living room space, where a television, chairs or a sofa, and other entertainment features can be installed safely.

An extra space for entertainment and media might not be your first pick for your basement. You might want to take advantage of your basement to construct an area that wasn’t already available in your home – but before you commit to that, think about the different benefits of having an additional living space.

Firstly, it drastically increases the potential for hosting, doubling the potential space you have for when you have guests over – or making things easier if you have multiple guests meeting multiple people at once in your property.

To be honest though, this isn’t the main reason that someone would choose to have an extra living space in their basement. Realistically, an extra living space is a huge boon to those with children and teenagers, who might know the frustration that comes along with arguing for what goes on the television and when on a daily basis.

Separating out your living rooms means that you are going to have more space to relax and keep tidy in as adults, with room to spare for your children nor teenagers when they want to have their friends over, play games or just be left alone when they are in a bad mood.

Adding in elements like a sofa bed can be a lifesaver here as well, as you now have an extra bedroom to use in a pinch if you need it.

Of course, a living space underground means that adequate ventilation will be needed to keep the room condensation-free – especially if you have a basement living space being packed out by teenagers. Ensure that along with your waterproofing system you have adequate ventilation installed to help remove dense, humid air – otherwise you could develop a damp problem regardless of your waterproofing.

Spare Bedroom

A basement is a great place to install a spare bedroom. For guests, for additional family members living with you, or even if you want to move from your current bedroom into one with a little more room.

Being below ground, basements and cellars are prime space for a bedroom as it’s much easier to control the amount of natural light entering, yet with modern lighting and window solutions, you won’t be consigned to total darkness constantly.

In fact, with the correct kind of furnishings, decorations and colour schemes, you can create a bright and airy bedroom space that will be pleasant to be in and an envy to others who use or see it. Luckily you will be planning the fit out of the bedroom entirely, so you can work in storage solutions, ventilation, lighting, and other electronics to not only keep the moisture level down, but to keep the space clear, decluttered and supportive of whatever electronics you need installed.

An Extra Kitchen

Maybe you want something a little different in your basement, and a below ground kitchen fits that order perfectly. Most properties feature a kitchen on the ground floor, but if you are hoping to expand your ground floor space with the inclusion of a larger living space or even the installation of a dining room, then a basement level dining room could be just the thing for you.

Now, when it comes to fitting a basement out with a kitchen you might find that the overall cost is higher than it would be if you chose to convert your basement into a living or sleeping space. This is because you will likely need more expensive units brought into your basement – cookers, sinks, fridges and other kitchen utilities.

Then there are the costs associated with connecting your basement to your mains water supply as well as connecting your cooker to the gas or electrical supply. If you do plan to use a gas cooker in your basement then it is highly advised you have a professional not only install the cooker itself, but also any ventilation and other security measures you might need to ensure its safe operation.

Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and even general gas detectors will all need to be installed by a professional so that they can detect any leaks or harmful gases immediately.

If you do have a kitchen fitted in your basement, you are going to find that you have much more space in your ground floor and upper rooms to decorate and make use of. Not only will you be able to contain your cooking to a lower floor, but you will also be able to hide any mess or clean up from guests when they are over after you have cooked.

Home Cinema Room

The home cinema is an option that plenty of people are drawn to when they first consider the options available to them in their basement. Why?

Well, to start with a basement is naturally at an advantage when it comes to a cinema-like atmosphere. Natural light is much easier to control, the below ground nature of the basement itself keeps audio distractions to a minimum, and the layout of many basements lend themselves to a cinema layout.

Really, the biggest bonus of having a home cinema is that if you are the kind of person who enjoys taking in media is that a home cinema is really cool. The latest AV equipment to watch movies or play games on, and a space to enjoy them with your friends.

Naturally, the decoration and equipment itself can be tailored exactly to your liking, and with modern movies being released simultaneously online as they are in cinemas, you might find that the cost of your home cinema pays for itself when compared to regular cinema tickets.

AV equipment is expensive, this is true. But, if it’s protected by a quality waterproofing system and adequate ventilation to take care of any moisture building up in your basement, a home cinema is an ideal choice for a basement.

Wine Cellar

If you are looking for a redecoration project that can turn your basement into something with a bit more class and a refined atmosphere, then you should consider a wine cellar.

Aesthetically your options are wide open, with the space being used primarily for storage of your wine alone, or perhaps decorated in a way that can accommodate guests, so you can shop off your collection.

Either way, a basement with a regulated temperature has been the ideal storage solution for wine for hundreds of years. If you are an avid collector, then you can get plenty of inspiration online, and the decoration itself (outside of the price of wine) can be a lot cheaper than some of the other options on this list.

Elegant, simplistic, and easy to execute, if protected well a wine cellar can easily add a lot of value to both your personal life and your properties value.

A Home Gym

Finally, we have one of the most popular forms of basement conversion: The home gym.

Gym memberships are expensive, and the equipment itself is often large and space consuming – as many of us who own our own equipment can attest to. Converting your basement into a space where your exercise gear can happily exist without encroaching on your other furniture is a great idea then, as it allows you adequate room to work out without worrying about cluttering your home.

Not only will you free up space in the rest of your home, but you will also benefit mentally from having your space to work out been separate from say a living room, a space that should be primarily for relaxing.

Luckily, a basement gym is a very easy conversion to undertake. Outside of any furnishings you might want for the room and the adequate waterproofing and ventilation to handle the humidity put out by an exercising adult, you will find that the most expensive thing you need for the basement is probably the equipment itself.

Protecting Your Basement Conversion

Your basement is just as much a part of your home as your bedroom or kitchen – that means it ought to be just as well preserved and protected. If you have a basement that you are looking to convert into a fully functional and usable room then you need to be sure you have a waterproofing system and sump pump you can rely on to keep you dry.

This means that when you have a waterproofing system installed, you should rely on the experts to install and maintain a waterproofing solution incorporating a sump pump unit that’s capable of keeping your basement entirely dry and free of water ingress.

You can trust the Basement Sump and Pump team to fit your basement with a pump capable of keeping your basement free of floods and leaks all year round – even in power cuts and when the rain picks up. Contact us online to talk about our installation and maintenance services and give your basement the protection it deserves.


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