How Long Do Sump Pumps Last?

March 29, 2022

A sump pump, like so many other things in your home, is a piece of machinery that you invest in to make your life easier. That means that when you decide on having a sump pump installed you are going to want to make sure that it lasts as long as it possibly can to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money.

So, how long do sump pumps generally last?

How Long Will My Sump Pump Keep Working? 

The average life span of a sump pump is between eight and ten years, but that’s a general figure, not specific to any particular brand of pump, just a guide on when you might start seeing signs that your pump needs replacing. We also aren’t taking wear and tear, or machine neglect into account here, so individual milage will certainly vary when it comes to the lifespan of your sump pump.

The real question though, is outside of the general lifespan of a sump pump, what factors can contribute to the pump breaking down early in its life cycle?

What Factors Might Effect Sump Pump Effectiveness and Lifespan:

There are a number of different factors in play that might effect the longevity of your sump pump. Here are just a few that you should take note of and keep an eye on during your pumps life cycle:

If It’s A Hard Working Sump Pump

First off, you have to remember that your sump pump is a piece of moving machinery. The same way you might expect a car engine or washing machine to develop a fault if they are left running for long periods of time, you can expect a sump pump to develop a fault if it’s in continuous or heavy use.

So, the first factor that can seriously effect the lifespan of your sump pump is its level of use. If you happen to have a below ground property that sees a high amount of water ingress, then you can expect your sump pump to be in a state of constant use.

Whilst this means that your sump pump is working as expected and keeping your basement dry, you do have to understand that it might take a toll on the health of the sump pump itself. You should also consider whether you have taken all measures to reduce the amount of moisture and liquid within the Type C Waterproofing system that the sump pump manages.

This means considering your ventilation and condensation levels, as a high amount of condensation in any basement can lead to damp setting in, as well as black mould, which could always lead to faster degradation of elements within your basement – culminating in more liquid within the basement, and a harder working sump pump.

Incorrect Size Sump Pump

A sump pump isn’t a one size fits all solution. Here at the Basement Sump and Pump company for example, our team are well trained and are experts in identifying the correct pump for your basements needs. A basement that receives only a small amount of water ingress for example might only require a smaller pump.

So, if a basement that requires a larger pump has been fitted with a pump too small you might find that the pump might not be able to pump away the water effectively – potentially causing a backup of water, and contributing to a build up of water damage in the basement as well as damage to the pump itself.

Conversely, a pump too small for your basements needs could cause the pump to work harder, shortening its lifespan that way. In either instance, a skilled waterproofing engineer will be able to help recommend and install a pump ideally suited to your basements needs.

Improper or Faulty Installation

Your sump pump is only effective if it’s installed correctly and safely within your waterproofing system. That means that if the individual who first installed your sump pump wasn’t qualified, was inexperienced, or just made a mistake, you could find that your sump pump works itself to death.

If the motor doesn’t engage correctly, if the float switch isn’t correctly connected, if the connection to the piping is a little off, or even if the pump is set wrong and the likes of concrete or other debris gets into the mechanism – all of these are potential problems.

That’s not to mention the abundance of other problems that could occur during an installation by someone unqualified for the job. Basically, an improper installation could lead to your pump harming itself through its everyday use, shortening its long term lifespan.

Defective Sump Pumps


Sometimes you might have had the correct installation, but have a faulty pump.If left unnoticed a faulty pump can present a number of different problems: the float switch might be defective, leaving the sump pump to keep running constantly – or the opposite, the float switch might never engage, meaning that your pump never removes the water within the system and it breaks that way.

You could find that your pump isn’t engaging correctly, has developed a blockage, or is leaking and in fact isn’t pumping water away from your property at all. All of these are massive problems, and obviously, every single one is going to effect your pump in different ways – none positive, and there is every chance that your sump pump could be rendered useless by its own fault.

Lack of Maintenance

One of the main and biggest causes of a sump pumps natural life span being shortened is a lack of maintenance. Having a regular schedule set up with a trained sump pump specialist is a sure fire way to keep your sump pump healthy, lengthen its lifespan and get the most out of your waterproofing investment.

Often, sump pump failure can be easily ignored. Unless you are paying particular attention to your pump, and can easily recognise the warning signs of a pump on the cusp of, or already, failing, you probably wont notice it.

In fact, many pumps develop faults over the summer which left and not given any attention can deteriorate your pump even further – but due to the dry weather, property owners don’t notice until the weather starts to get wet. Or, your pump might sound like its working, but really the float switch has broken and the pump is now incapable of turning itself off, leading to a broken motor – or worse.

All of this can be avoided with a regular maintenance schedule. Having a regular appointment every few months to make sure your pump is up to scratch and in healthy working order won’t just maximise your investment on the pump itself, but also safeguard you against a waterproofing failure in the future as a result of your sump pump breaking down.


You can easily schedule a check up on your sump pump with our team, and, as you would with your boiler, set up an ongoing maintenance schedule to help you keep on top of your sump pumps health in the future.

Just call 0800 019 9949, or get in touch online to set up your own sump pump maintenance schedule, and maximise the lifespan of your sump pump.


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