When Should I Repair My Sump Pump?


June 30, 2022

Your sump pump is a pretty vital bit of equipment, especially if you have a basement that is prone to frequent leaks and floods. The sump pump keeps your below ground structure dry, and the water out of your property.

With all that in mind, you might be worried about keeping your sump pump in top condition throughout the year, and wondering when it might be safe to turn it off to avoid as much disruption as possible so maintenance can be carried out.

To that end, here are some crucial pieces of advice regarding your sump pumps maintenance schedule.

Understand Your Sump Pump’s Usage

Depending on where you live in Britain you are going to experience an unavoidable level of rainfall. This means that at some point in the year you are going to see less rain, less moisture in the ground, and less need for your sump pump to be working 24/7.

For some, this could mean the entirety of Summer – for others, just a few weeks before the rain starts up again. Regardless, its important that you make a note of the points in the year when your sump pump doesn’t see as much use, so any possible maintenance and repair has a minimal effect on the everyday working of your pump.

Try to schedule your sump pumps maintenance sessions in for when you expect there to be less stress on your pump. This way your pump can be serviced and even repaired without there being any great need for it to be put back into action as soon as possible, greatly reducing the risk of your basement flooding.

Not only that, but by scheduling in your sump pump service before, or just after your areas rainiest and wettest season you are ensuring that the pump is being restored to its full operational capacity before it’s needed most.

Nothing is worse than finding that your basement is flooding because of nothing more than a faulty pump – routine servicing can help you avoid this problem easily, with our engineers able to spot and rectify any potential damage or disrepair in your pump before its too late.

Don’t Ignore Signs of Damage in Your Sump Pump

In most cases the person who is going to be most familiar with your sump pump’s everyday workings is going to be you – the property owner. Unless you rent the property in which the sump pump is installed, you are going to be the person most used to the different noises and habits of the pump itself.

That means that you are going to have to employ a bit of your own judgement when it comes to scheduling in a sump pump servicing appointment if you don’t already have a regular date set with our engineers.

Listen out for any signs that your pump might not be working as it should be. This could include a number of things – not turning on when it rains, not turning off after the rain stops, the motor sounding like its grinding, or even signs that the tank isn’t emptying, like a puddle of water surrounding the pump and a tank that isn’t draining.

These are sure fire signs that your sump pump isn’t working as it should be, and as a result you should be arranging a visit from our team to discover what precisely is wrong in your pump, and what can be done to either fix it or arrange for a replacement.

Following Heavy Rain or Storms

Flooded basement

Your sump pump is a machine designed to put up with a steady, slow stream of floodwater filling the sump and being pumped away to a safe location. That said, many pumps can and do put up with absurd amounts of water entering your basement waterproofing system, especially during periods of intense rain, like we see during storms.

That’s not to say that the unexpected and undue stress won’t have an effect on the pump in your basement. Even if your pump keeps your basement dry and does pump out all of the excess water that finds its way into your basement, it’s worth getting it looked over by a professional to make sure that it can still perform when the next rain falls.

The likelihood of your pump being damaged by having to deal with heavy rainfall is only increased if you are running a single pump rather than a dual pump, or a sump pump system with a backup pump installed.

Give our team a call following periods of heavy rain to be certain that your pump can stand up to the next bout of wet weather, or even see about having a backup system installed to fully cover your basement in the future.

After Having Your Pump Installed

We don’t mean that you should schedule in a sump pump service for the day following it’s installation, but rather that you can arrange a sump pump service appointment with our team after they install your sump pump.

This way you can talk directly to our team, and barring any breakdown or other need for a servicing visit, you can arrange for an annual, bi-annual, or even quarterly servicing appointment right there so it’s done, and you no longer have to think about it.

Failing that, if you have gone longer than six months without having arranged for a service with our, or any team of sump pump experts, then it is most definitely time to get in touch with our team to avoid time based wear and tear having a destructive effect on your pump.

You can arrange for your service visit from our team online here, or you can call us on 0800 019 9949 and arrange it with us over the phone.


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