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Meet the team: James Riley

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Meet James who looks after our customer services team at the Basement Sump and Pump Co! If you have a problem with your basement sump or pump he’s the man to call.

James Riley, Customer Services

Having worked in customer services for more years than he cares to remember James also has a good all round knowledge of sumps, pumps and everything in between. James plans and prepares our ‘Clean and Checks’ for our technicians and prides himself on providing a smooth experience for our customers.

When he’s not busy making sure our customers are 100% satisfied,  James can often be found indulging in his passion for gin and fine dining or tinkering with classic cars.


So, for all your pump servicing needs or any questions about your basement waterproofing system James really is the man to call!

Give him a ring on 0800 019 9949 or eMail him on

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Annual checks at the ready for summer!

As the UK has had its fair share of wet weather already this year, we should start preparing  for yet another typical British summer. Don’t be fooled by a short spell of sunshine, enquires have already been “flowing” in for sump and pump checks.

Most home owners miss their annual checks or forget to arrange one with the busy summer holidays coming up however with the potential for bursts of rain coming in thick and fast, this may cause an issue for your sump and pump. An annual clean and check can help maintain your sump and pump and keep it ticking along, saving you time, money as well as making for a stress free summer!

An unchecked Sump and Pump

To prevent this happening your sump and pump…

Don’t forget an annual basement pump servicing, in a majority of cases, this is required as part of the conditions of your guarantee. To arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ pump service from ourselves simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line ‘Clean and Check’ request form

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Frequently asked questions about Macerators

Our Basement Sump and Pump experts have pulled together a top 10 list of the most frequently asked questions that we have received regarding problems with macerators.

The most frequently asked questions, regarding macerator are as follows;

Exactly what does a macerator do?

Macerators are designed to pump away waste materials from toilets, as well as other waste waters without depending on a regular drainage system.

What is the best way to install a macerator?

Every macerator is unique; therefore it is essential to comply with the instructions within the manual which comes with it. However, as a basic guideline, the majority of macerators slide behind the toilet. You should then be able to pull the rubber over the opening of the toilet from the macerator. Once this is done, you must plumb in the opening from the macerator to the soil pipe or stack. When this step is completed, it is essential to have an electrician present, as you could possibly be violating industry regulations and the law.

What would happen if I put incorrect substances in the macerator?

In the event you insert the wrong substances down the toilet, there would most likely be a jam or block use of the rota along with the outlet waste that is being pumped out, resulting in an emergency call out.

I live in a rented property, What if the macerator gets blocked, is the landlord accountable for this?

In the event the macerator is blocked it is the duty of the landlord to ensure it is safe. Provided that there is certainly a primary toilet within the house, the landlord is within his legal rights to arrange a plumber to visit on a standard weekday. Nevertheless if perhaps the problem of the macerator is a result of misuse, then this will be the accountability of the tenant. It is wise to determine if there is power getting to the macerator, as it establishes if the macerator needs replacing or not.

Are macerators loud?

Macerators can seem to be loud however, only potentially as loud as a washing machine or even a dishwasher.

What is the average cost for a macerators and the installation?

Macerator costs range between, £150 to £600 based on the manufacture, the guarantee, the brand and what the macerators will likely be useful for. A reliable macerator would most likely cost roughly between, £280 to £600. To get a macerator installed this would cost on average £500.

What is the average life span for the macerator?

The common rule regarding macerators, is the machine, which will usually last up to 15 years, if handling a small amount of waste. With standard usage in a main bathroom in a domestic home, you can assume a macerator to last at least for about 10 years. If the macerator has been utilised in a high traffic for example on a commercial property, you would then calculate approximately 3 years. However there are actually specific macerators which are made specifically for commercial usage, though the cost for one will be considerably higher than a domestic macerator.

Can a macerator also take other appliance?

Dependent on the type of macerator, a macerator will take all types of soil waste, provided that it is within the guidelines and there are certainly no solids going down, such as kitchen waste or even wet wipes. See our list of things not to be put down a macerator.

Should a qualified person be needed to install a macerator?

Provided that the instructions are followed appropriately in full together with meeting all regulations then a qualified person, such as a plumber is not necessarily needed. However if in any doubt consult a qualified expert for further advice.

How do I go about fixing a broken macerator?

On many occasions, broken macerators can only be replaced, while any substitution on a macerator voids the guarantee, it is highly recommended to never try to exchange the components simply because of the kind of work required. Hopefully, you are fortunate enough to have a macerator that is only obstructed with undesirable item or the switch has accidentally been turned off or perhaps the fuse has gone.

In the event the fuse has gone, it will always be beneficial to examine the cause, as the motor may need replacing or a common fault with the device.

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Going on holiday? Don’t forget your Sump Pump!

Its that time of year again. The rarest of rare events has happened (a few weeks of good weather!)  but many peoples thoughts are turning to that all important break away, jumping on a plane and heading off abroad. Before you pack your bags though spare a quick thought for your hard working friend in the basement.

The summer period is without doubt the best time of year to give your basement sump and pump unit a thorough service before the cold and damp season ahead. Right now your basement sump and pump may not be working flat out but you know as soon as the ‘rainy season’ starts he’ll be there for you, keeping your basement dry.

Right now, we have extended our £150 offer for pump servicing so keeping your basement dry need not cost the earth.  Why not give us a call on 0800 019 9949 to arrange to have your sump pump serviced and give you that peace of mind that your faithful friend is in tip top condition for the seasons ahead.

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Fatty deposits and pumps

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People never really give a second thought about what they tip away down the sink – here though is one very good reason why you should! We were called out to a routine 6 monthly ‘Clean and Check’ at the home of a customer who was blissfully unaware of the potential damage that was been done to her pump situated in the kitchen. Our customer was lost for words when the engineer having completed the ‘Clean & Check’ of her domestic pump showed her the bag full of fat deposits that were cleaned away from the pump unit. The fat deposits had almost totally clogged the impeller of the pump unit and if left unchecked would have caused potential damage to the pump unit.
Fatty deposits on pump
Request a clean and checkShould you have a basement sump and pump system installed don’t forget to have it serviced. On this occasion the customer was lucky and no damage was done but if left the cost of repairs could of been high.  Only through routine pump maintenance was the problem pick up.

An annual basement pump servicing  in a majority of cases is required as part of the conditions of your guarantee. To arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ pump service from ourselves simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line ‘Clean and Check’ request form

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Guess What’s hiding underneath all the lime scale?

An ode to a ‘Clean and Check’

Two sad pumps sitting in their sump, both neglected and unloved, I’m not surprised they had the hump!

Then along come Rod armed with his ‘Clean and Check kit, he’d soon make sure that both were fighting fit!

As the first pump was lifted you could hear a sound of glee, and the second pump said “Hey, don’t forget me!”

The engineer worked hard removing all the dirt, the grime and filth was everywhere, some even on his shirt!

Valves and batteries  replaced  they both looked good as new, a classic case of a ‘Clean and Check’ that was definitely long overdue!

Back to the sump they went placed with care by our expert, ready to drain any water away to stop a flood alert!

Request a clean and checkOn a more serious note! Should you have a basement sump and pump system installed don’t forget to have it serviced. An annual basement pump servicing  in a majority of cases is required as part of the conditions of your guarantee. To arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ pump service from ourselves simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line ‘Clean and Check’ request form

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Customer feedback!

At the Basement Sump and Pump Co we actively encourage our customers to feed back on the experience they have had with us to help us learn and improve our service further. Below are a couple of snippets from customers that have just come in to Basement Sump and Pump HQ that we thought we would share with you:

Feedback from Basement Sump and Pump customer

Feedback from Basement Sump and Pump customer

To become on of the many satisfied Basement Sump and Pump Co customers give us a call on 0800 019 9949 or drop us an eMail at – We look forward to helping you!

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Give your basement sump and pump a treat!

This year has been one our wettest summers, and basement pumps across the country have been working overtime to keep basement dry.  The Basement Sump and Pump Co specialises in keeping your basement pumps in tip top condition, whatever the weather.  Why not treat your pump to a service to say ‘thank you for all your hard work’? After all, without the hard work of your basement pump your basement wouldn’t be the dry living space you’ve come to enjoy.

What a difference a Clean and Check can make to your basement sump pump

Below you can see an example of a recent sump pump unit that we were called upon to service. The build up of deposits you can see had happened in just a single year of usage. If the sump pump had continued to be used without a service  damage may have occured through blockages and deposits as well as potential flooding of the basement as the float that triggers the pump may have siezed.

A basement pump prior to having a service

A basement pump prior to having a service

Basement pump following service

Basement pump following service

After the ‘Clean and Check’ the sump pump was as good as new ready to give another years faithful service. To find out more about our ‘Clean and Check’ service for sumps give the team a call on 0800 019 9949

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The basement pump – the forgotten hero!

At the bottom of the basement lies a forgotten hero. This piece of equipment works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  for 52 weeks of the year keeping the basement a dry usable living space – I am of course talking about the basement sump and pump unit.  Below we can see some pictures from one of our basement sump and pump specialists that show a clients pump that we service and the condition that a pump unit can get into in just 12 months.

Clearly evident on the pump are 12 months worth of dirt, limescale and clay which can build up on the pump unit leading to the pump unit having to work harder than it should.

As you can see following a ‘Clean and Check’ service the sump and pump are looking as good as the day they were first installed – giving the home owner peace of mind that the pump will provide another 12 months of trouble free service.

The basement pump prior to a 'Clean and Check' service. A build up of deposits can be seen on the pump unit

The basement pump prior to a 'Clean and Check' service. A build up of deposits can be seen on the pump unit

Dirt and deposits within the sump liner

Dirt and deposits within the sump liner

The cleaned and serviced pump

The cleaned and serviced pump

The cleaned out pump chamber

The cleaned out pump chamber

Have you got a forgotten hero in your basement?

If so give the Basement Sump & Pump Co a call! We’ll make sure your hero is given the treatment required to keep your basement dry. Call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line ‘Clean and Check’ request form

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Spot the difference time!

Here we have 2 pictures of the same pumping system that has benefited from a “Clean & Check” service from the Basement Sump & Pump Co

The difference is plain to see! All the components of the system on the right hand side were “Cleaned & Checked” resulting in peace of mind for the home owner that the pumping station was going to provide faithful service for another 12 months.

lewis barwick
lewis barwick
19:07 06 Jul 18
I called up for a service which was promptly booked in. Mark was friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be... having you back next year. Many thanks, more
alan holmes
alan holmes
09:59 28 Jun 18
Mark arrived early, protected floor surfaces and carried out the service with good knowledge of the site from doing the... initial installation and previous service visitsread more
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