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As our name suggests, we are the leading specialists in servicing basement pumps in London. That’s all we do, day in and day out! For pump servicing look no further.

We are experts in pump servicing in London and we pride our ourselves on providing trustworthy and professional service for all of our customers.

Our London based team of basement pump servicing specialists have experience with all major manufactures such as John Newton, Zoller, Delta and Basement Systems.

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Why Do I Need My Sump Pump Servicing?

Think of a basement pump as the heart of your basement waterproofing system. Whilst the pump is working, the basement will remain dry but if the pump were to fail water would not be pumped away and dampness would soon follow.

Having pump servicing stops your sump pump system from breaking down unexpectedly on a regular basis. We ensure that your pump is operating in ‘tip top’ condition to keep your basement dry and damp free.

How Often Should I Get My Sump Pump Serviced?

To keep your basement sump and pump in good working condition, we recommend having your pump serviced every 12 months.

However, some pumps are used more frequently than others. For example: We attend many basement pumps in London that are heavily used due to a build-up of silt in their basement drainage channels, so in such instances, we would recommend a service every 6 months to ensure the pump is working as it should.London sump pump technician

The Basement Sump & Pump Company can offer competitive discounts to customers who require a service every 6 months. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to talk through the options and advise you further.

Your pump will also be heavily used if it disposes of water from a washing machine or dishwasher. We also provide sewage pump maintenance, which may require a deep clean every other year. This can be assessed at the time of your pump service.

Our team will work closely with you to provide a basement pump solution that is right for you and your needs.

What is Involved In Pump Servicing? 

At Basement Sump & Pump Co are specialists in the basement sump pump servicing and maintenance. Our London basement pump engineers are experts in their field and only work on basement sump and pumps so you can be safe in the knowledge that your basement is in good hands.

Sump and Pump Maintenance in London

It is important that you have annual pump maintenance to ensure that your waterproofing system doesn’t fail. A sump pump failure can cause a flooded basement. 

By having annual pump maintenance can ensure that your basement in London continues to remain dry for many years to come.

We serviced many clients in the London area and we strive to provide our pump maintenance at the highest standard possible for all of our customers.

Why Choose The Basement Sump and Pump Company?

Highly Recommended Company

The Basement Sump Pump Company are experts in rectifying servicing basement issues.

We have a basement sump pump system to match the needs of you and your basement.

Local To You

We have a number of basement pump technicians in the London area happy to help with all your pump servicing problems.

Property Care Association (PCA) Registered

Members of the PCA can be trusted to rectify problems with damp buildings, by employing industry certified surveyors and technicians we uphold challenging standards.

Fast Response Time

If you are looking to book a pump service with our highly qualfied technicians and need a quick response time then the Basement Sump Pump Company will be on hand as quickly as possible.

Pump Installation in London

We provide both sewage pump and sump pump and installation for all types of properties across London. The installation should be carried out by a professional to ensure you don’t have any pump breakdowns on a regular basis.

We will make sure that all the sump pump and sewage pump units that we install are well designed and engineered. We will make sure that all the components used for the pumping station of the highest quality to make sure your basement remains dry for a long period of time.

What Our Customers Say?

Just had a pump problem and minor flood fixed by Martin. He arrived on time and his work was first class. He also took the trouble to explain to me what had happened and what he was doing to fix things. And BSP's customer service person Emma also was extrememly helpful. Will definitely use BSP again. Thanks.
14:19 26 May 21
We had an emergency with a faulty sump pump.The issue was with the float mechanism and return valve, not the pump itself.An engineer was booked and sent to site first thing the following day.The issue took a while to sort but the engineer was determined to resolve the problem, which he did.Very refreshing to have a company want to fix a problem rather than simply try to get you to purchase a new product.Only reason I didn't click quality is because we didn't have to buy a new pump. The quality of workmanship and keenness to help was brilliant.I would definitely recommend them and would use them again.
Spiral Reception
Spiral Reception
12:53 06 May 21
Martin turned up at the specified time. He explained what he was going to do and offered to show me inside the pump cavity to show me how the mechanism worked. He was polite, efficient, competent and friendly. He answered all my questions and made some recommendations. Very satisfied with the service provided. Thank you!
Stella Woods
Stella Woods
14:39 15 Mar 21
We have just used the company for the first time to service the sump in our cellar. I feel confident that the work has been done thoroughly, and received a genuine appraisal of what will be needed to maintain and improve the system from this point onwards.
Ian Wiseman
Ian Wiseman
13:29 25 Feb 21
Martin came has arranged yesterday. He spotted the problem immediately and then proceeded to service my pump. All working perfectly now, as good as new. He also took the time to explain to me exactly what had caused the issue and how to get around it if it does it again.I just wanted to acknowledge his work in a review. I’ve struggled to get this job done. I’ve been over quoted and no other company seemed like the even wanted to do anything other than sell me new equipment.Martin is an absolute legend of an engineer. He ran a few checks and told me all it needed was a service and clean. I am so relieved as several companies have tried to turn this job into a job costing several thousands, suggesting I needed new tanking etcPlease pass on my message to Martin. It’s service like this that will guarantee my repeat business. Engineers like Martin are a very rare commodity especially in today’s disposable society, an engineer with principals, honesty, knowledge and integrity, 5/5 stars.
Richard Dale
Richard Dale
09:07 09 Feb 21
Use the company ever year for annual pump service/clean. Professional and friendly. Thanks
10:21 04 Feb 21
My special thanks to Jason who made sure the job was done right and professional despite the pouring rain. Awesome!
Abdelaziz Abad
Abdelaziz Abad
10:54 30 Jan 21
Jason was on time, professional, straightforward and most importantly sorted our sump issue before it became a significant problem. Nice guy too.
Mark Pilbrow
Mark Pilbrow
15:29 21 Jan 21
Brilliant service from Jason , arrived on time and was very friendly and polite, he serviced our pump whilst explaining in detail what he was doing and what we should expect from our pump system. Mark has done our service for over a decade and I didn’t think anyone could be as good but Jason has filled the slot perfectly. Here’s to another decade of good service from Jason .
Cosford hall classic
Cosford hall classic
11:18 11 Jan 21
James from the Basement Sump & Pump Co attended to ensure the basement pump his firm installed last year was working well. These pumps can draw in sand and dirt so it is important to clean it annually. Pump itself is excellent - definitely recommend this company for the installation of one.
Steve Milner
Steve Milner
20:32 09 Dec 20
Friendly and efficient service and very easy to deal with.
Tim Wheeler
Tim Wheeler
15:17 24 Nov 20
Excellent service. The technician identified the issue with pump and the set up and carried out the modifications to rectify the issue. Very thorough and professional service
Kausar Hussain
Kausar Hussain
13:52 07 Nov 20
Extremely knowledgeable and provided a thorough high quality service.
Lynn Woods
Lynn Woods
09:01 29 Oct 20
I called up for a service which was promptly booked in. Mark was friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely be having you back next year. Many thanks, Lewis.
Lewis Barwick
Lewis Barwick
19:07 06 Jul 18
Mark arrived early, protected floor surfaces and carried out the service with good knowledge of the site from doing the initial installation and previous service visits
alan holmes
alan holmes
09:59 28 Jun 18

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