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There are many basements in Birmingham that are potentially vulnerable to suffering with water ingress. A popular way of keeping your basement dry is to use a basement waterproofing system that incorporates a basement sump and pump.

Sump pumps play a vital part in keeping water away from your basement. However, basement pumps will also need servicing or replacing after a period of time.

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We always recommend having one of our highly qualified engineers to carry out the routine servicing of your basement sump pump system.  

We have been carrying out sump pump servicing and installation works in Birmingham for over 15 years. The Basement Sump and Pump Co are registered with the Property Care Association (The PCA)  so you can be assured that a high quality service will be carried out on your sump pump unit.

Why Does Your Sump Pump Need Servicing?

As we have mentioned, sump pumps, over a period of time, do need servicing. There are a number of reasons why sump pump failure can occur including:

  • The initial sump pump installation was not carried out correctly
  • The sump pump has had a power cut
  • Pipes and pump are clogged up
  • The sump pump is faulty

If you notice any issues with your sump pump e.g. the sump pump making a loud noise, then make sure that you contact a fully qualified pump engineer to get the basement pump serviced as soon as possible.

The last thing you need as a property owner is to have water penetrating its way through into your basement and not been pumped away.

Basement Pump Servicing and Breakdown Cover

We recommend that ordinarily, you have basement pump servicing carried out every 12 months but if the pump is working on a very frequent basis then it maybe that the pump will need to be serviced every 6 months. During the service, you can expect the engineer to check the following parts of the sump pump system:

  • The Check Valve – to ensure it is working properly
  • The Float Switch – to make sure that it is working properly
  • The Impeller – checking it has free movement and is not blocked
  • The battery backup system – if there is not one already in place and an engineer can fit one for you

The list above is just some of the checks that the engineer will provide during the pump service. One of the biggest issues that could cause a problem with the sump pump system is that dirt can clog up the sewage pump. If this happens the pump will need to be fully cleaned out.

While it is always best to have the sump pump serviced to limit the chances of the basement pump breaking down suddenly pump breakdowns can always occur unexpectedly.

If your property is based in the Birmingham area and you have an issue with your basement pump, then we have specialists in your area who are ready to carry out a breakdown service as quickly as possible. We will make sure that your pump is back working at full capacity in double quick time.


Why Choose The Basement Sump and Pump Company?

Highly Recommended Company

The Basement Sump Pump Company are experts in rectifying servicing basement issues.

We have a basement sump pump system to match the needs of you and your basement.

Property Care Association (PCA) Registered

Members of the PCA can be trusted to rectify problems with damp buildings, by employing industry certified surveyors and technicians we uphold challenging standards.

Sump Pump Installation and Replacement in Birmingham

Sump Pump Installation and Replacement for Properties in Birmingham
If your property in the Birmingham area has a basement but no sump pump system, then we recommend that a sump pump should be installed.

If you already have one in place, which is not working properly, then it should be serviced and if needs be replaced. Having the sump pump installed incorrectly is a common reason for the system to stop working.

Having a fully qualified engineer carry out the initial installation is important to ensure that the submersible pump is working correctly and provides you with faithful service for years to come.

Our Customer Reviews

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peter hulett
peter hulett
08:13 15 Apr 22
Having moved into a property with a sewage pump. This was our first time in using this company and would highly recommend using them.Martin talked me through how the system worked and I felt at ease asking him questions about how the system worked.Nothing was too much trouble.Will definitely be using them annually to service the system.Thank you
Mandy Feeny
Mandy Feeny
14:00 14 Apr 22
Martin was spot on time and a professional in his work and polite and friendly Thank you.
Gerard Schofield
Gerard Schofield
07:57 08 Apr 22
Excellent service from James
Richard Forman
Richard Forman
15:26 05 Apr 22
Excellent friendly service .
Tony Teatum
Tony Teatum
17:09 24 Mar 22

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You can trust The Basement Sump Pump Company to provide you with a reliable basement sump pump service to resolve your damp basement problem. Don’t just take our word for it though check out our reviews.

You can request a service with our Birmingham team by calling 0800 019 9949 or filling in our contact us form.

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