Sump Pump Servicing and Installation in Sheffield

Make your sump pump is working properly and does not breakdown suddenly and leave your basement at risk of flooding. We have sump pump specialists across the Sheffield area.  We are accredited by the Property Care Association, Checkatrade and Trustmark. 

With over 15 years of experience in servicing, maintaining and installing sump pumps and sewage pumps we can be assured that your basement is in safe hands.

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Why Should Your Sump Pump Be Serviced?

If you do not have your sump pump serviced then there are a number of potential problems that occur with your sump pump system. Some sump pump issues can include:

  • Faulty Sump Pump Float Switch
  • Power Cut
  • Clogged Pipes 
  • Defective Pump

We recommend that you have your sump pump serviced on a 12 month basis but if the sump pump is used on regular basis then it should be serviced every 6 months.

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If you are unsure how often your sump pump should be serviced, then book a service with The Basement Sump and Pump Company. A qualified engineer will carry out a full inspection of the basement and detail how often your sump pump is serviced.

How Is Sump Pump Servicing Carried Out?

To ensure the sump pump servicing is carried out correctly work should be carried out by a fully qualified professional.

During the maintenance, the engineer will carry out a number of checks to see if the sump pump system is working correctly. If the sump pump chamber is clogged up with dirt then this will be cleaned out. 


The key to fixing your sump pump system is identifying why it has failed in the place. As we have already explained, there are a number of problems that can occur with your sump pump.

Once all the engineer has assessed all areas of the sump pump system e.g. pump impeller, discharge pipe, check valve etc. then the engineer will recommend if the battery backup system will need installing if there is not one in place.

If your property is vulnerable to heavy wet weather constantly then it possible that the power supply could be lost meaning it be worth having a backup pump as the cost is much less then having to repair water damage at your basement.

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If you are trouble with your basement sump and pump system in Sheffield then make sure you request a service as quickly as possible.

You can request a service with our Sheffield team by calling 0800 019 9949 or filling in our contact us form.

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