Manor House – Cheshire

For this case study, our team were called upon to carry out a pump service at a Manor house in Cheshire.

About this Case Study

We have been looking after the basement pump in this property since the owner took the plunge in 2010 and turned their dark, damp cellar into a dry, useable storage room.

Following an initial service, it became apparent that an annual service would potentially put the operation of the pump at risk and leave the basement prone to flooding.

This risk was as a result of the location of the property which is in the heart of rural Cheshire.


Due to the substrate in the area, there were high levels of silt build-up which if left would have clogged the pump and invariably have led to the pump failing and the basement flooding.

As a result, we advised servicing the pump initially every 4 months. This service routine is constantly reviewed by our service engineers to ensure that we not only give the best value to the owner but also eliminate the risk of the pump failing.

Time on Site: 2 hours

Servicing Frequency: Every 4 months

Service Engineers Required: 1

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