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Installing a Sewage Pump in your Basement

If your home needs a little more than just gravity to move its waste towards the main sewer system, then it’s time for you to consider investing and installing a sewage pump.

There is no better way to ensure a trouble free installation of a sewage pump than by having it installed by one of our qualified experts.

By trusting the Basement Sump and Pump Co to install your sewage pump, you will be placing your property into the care of our highly qualified and skilled engineers.

All of the sewage pump units we fit are selected thanks to their high quality, premium parts and suitability to different environments, which all comes together to keep your property dry, clean, and connected to the main sewer system.

Do You Need A Sewage Pump? 

The very first thing to ascertain before installing a sewage pump is deciding whether or not your property needs one.

A proper survey conducted by our team will be able to tell you whether your property is in need of a sewage pump, and if so, where it will connect to the main sewage system and how it will pump your waste away from your property.

Usually, homes that are downhill from main sewage pipes, or too far away for gravity to control the flow of wastewater, will need the use of a sewage pump.

If you have a bathroom in the basement for example, it’s very likely that the pipes at the underground level will need additional pumping in order for the wastewater to reach the main sewerage system.

Again, if you are unsure of your properties need for a sewage pump, consult with the experts – our team will be more than happy to give you advice if you call 0800 019 9949.

Choosing The Right Sewage Pump

Our team have selected the ideal sewage pump solutions for a variety of homes based on the quality and efficiency of our range of pumps.

Each one will be chosen for the property it is to serve based on the regularity, frequency and level of occupancy in the property itself, and will be capable of handling all the wastewater needed.

Not only will the sewage pump be capable of handling your properties waste disposal needs, but our team make it a point to only select pumps that offer you peace of mind should you experience a total loss of power or pump failure.

sewage pump that has been installed

The sewage pumps we recommend to users all feature a secondary backup pump in case of failure of the primary pump.

This allows you to rely on them in case the worst happens, with your property still connected to the main sewerage system until an engineer can fix any problem that has arisen.

We also recommend pumps that feature a backup battery, which can keep your pump working and moving the waste water away from your property even in situations where your building loses power.

Ask us about our different sewage pump solutions, and which one might be right for your home. Our team will be more than happy to advise you on what’s right for you.

Installing Your New Sewage Pump

Our engineers are capable of handling your sewage pump installation from beginning to end. This can vary from a brand new sewage pump being installed in a property for first use, or if you are having a broken pump replacing – we have you covered.

Our engineers will then find the best location within your property to connect a sewage pump to the main sewer systems, or begin working immediately to fix or replace your defective sewage pump.

Once Your Sewage Pump has been Installed

Immediately after the installation of your new pump our engineers will take great care to clean-up and return your property to its original state.

Any dust and debris will be removed from the area where the work was completed, leaving it ready for use or redecoration.

Our job doesn’t end there though. Taking care of your pump after its installation is an important part of the life cycle of any waste management system.

To that end, our engineers will be happy to discuss and arrange a sewage pump maintenance for your pump throughout the year.

This is to help you avoid any unfortunate break in service with your sewage pump as well as help prevent blockages, mechanical failures and overspills –  all before they impact your property.

The frequency of your check ups depend on a number of factors including location and frequency of use. Our engineers will be capable of advising a schedule with you at the time of installation.

Sewage Pump Installations Across England & Wales 

We have a highly accredited team of sewage pump engineers ready to help you install a brand new sewage pump in your property. To find out if your area is covered by our team, just search your postcode and the service you require in the box below. 

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Arrange Your Sewage Pump Installation Today

Our locally based engineers are standing by ready to install and maintain your sewage pump at a time convenient for you.

Your property waste management will be in safe hands with our teams years of experience. We also have a number of professional grade accreditations backing up our expertise in the field.

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If your sewage pump is in need of repairs, if you need a sewage pump installation or even a service of an old sewage pump, then get in touch with us today by calling 0800 019 9949 or filling in the form below.

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