What is a ‘Clean & Check’?

Maintaining a safe, effective sump and pump system has never been easier ! So enjoy peace of mind and a trouble-free basement by choosing to have an Annual ‘Clean & Check’ !

Our Annual ‘Clean & Check’ comprises of the following thorough routine:

  • Remove the Pump unit from the Sump.
  • Clean out the Sump (remove lime, shingle etc).
  • Clean out the Pump unit (bleed holes, impellor and non return valve).
  • Inspect the running sequence of the pump.
  • Inspect the alarm system.
  • Check to back-up system.
  • Descale the Sump and Pump.
  • Check the water outlet for blockages.
  • Check the perimeter drainage.
  • Replace parts as necessary to maintain the effectiveness of the system (Some parts may be chargeable)

To request a ‘Clean & Check’ simply call 0800 019 9949.

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