Basement Sump Pump Servicing and Maintenance

We have sump pump servicing experts across England and Wales to make sure your basement is not flooded on a regular basis.

Why You Need Basement Pump Servicing Carried Out?

Pump failure can often be avoided by having your basement waterproofing system regularly checked over. Having invested in your basement waterproofing system, having an annual basement sump and pump maintenance is a small price to pay for the peace of mind that it will continue to keep your basement dry for many years to come.

The Basement Sump & Pump Company are specialists in the maintaining and servicing of basement sumps and pumps.

It is a good idea when there are periods of heavy rainfall that your sump pump system is working properly. You can find everything you need know about sump pumps on how does a sump pump work? page.

We have been installing basement pumping stations since 2005 and providing preventative maintenance for our customers ever since.



Pumps have to work harder when there is heavy rainfall. Without pump maintenance, failure can occur which can result in flooding to your basement or cellar.

A number of our customers have battery back up systems which come into play when there is a power cut or failure. This is often is a result of storm damage and heavy rainfall.

During our maintenance visits, we check and service the battery back up systems also.

If your sump pump is reliant on electricity only then is there a potential vulnerability of a power outage and for the sump pump to stop working.

By contacting one of our qualified technicians, they can advise you and provide you with the upgrade options for a battery back up system.

Sump Pump Monthly or Annual Maintenance

You expect your basement sump and pump system to work efficiently and reliably for you every day of the year – keeping your basement dry – but are you sure you can rely on your pump?

Keeping your pump running can be an expensive business. The longer you’ve had it, the more chance that it will need sump pump maintenance.

Wear and tear can mean your pump system is running less efficiently than it should be. In turn, this increases the chance of pump failure which can lead to hefty repair costs and damage to property should it fail altogether.

We are specialists in working with customers to provide planned service, clean and checks or sump clear outs.

We schedule 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual appointments depending on the usage and environment.

You should have your sump pump system maintained annually as a minimum. This depends on the risks and use of the system and the geology of the property.

More often than not our customers prefer a 6 monthly service, clean and check.

For commercial premises where there may be greater use, we recommend, in line with British Standards to have your sump pumps serviced, cleaned and checked every 3 months.

Why Choose Our Basement Pump Maintenance Team?

Over 15 years of Experience

The Basement Sump & Pump Co has a background of more than 15 years of experience in basement waterproofing, servicing more basement sumps and pumps than any other organisation in the UK.

Local To You

We have engineers across the England and Wales so appointments are arranged conveniently to suit you.

Highly Qualified Team

We have a team of fully trained professionals who specialise in waterproofing systems and are experienced and dedicated to offering you a personal local pump service.

Accredited By The Property Care Association, CheckaTrade and Trustmark

Service and Maintain A Range Of Sump Pumps

We are able to service and maintain a range of sump pumps.

How Is Basement Sump Pump Servicing Carried Out?

Sump pump servicing and maintenance should be carried out by a highly skilled technician to ensure that all works are carried out effectively. We take pride in our servicing and maintenance.

We carry out careful checks, cleaning and testing and follow manufacturers guidelines. When we have finished we provide you with a service record and should there be any concerns we will bring these to your attention.


The first step in the sump pump maintenance process is to see the reasons why the sump pump system has failed. There are a number of reasons for this and these could be:


  • If the pipe has become blocked due to debris for example, then the sump pump system will fail to pump away from the water from the property.
  • The float switch may not work properly. The float switch is essential for the sump pump system to work. If the water in the sump pump pit has blocked with wet wipes or paper for example then the water will struggle to move freely and the float switch will struggle to operate appropriately.
  • The impeller could be blocked. Just like the float switch, the impeller is an important part of the sump pump system and if this has become blocked from debris or dirt then the sump pump will not function.

Once all the checks have been made by the specialist, depending on the sump pump problem then maintenance work will need to be carried out. We would recommend that you have a backup pump if you don’t already have one already.

If your property is in a flood-prone area then the power supply can easily be lost so it always worth having a backup pump as the cost of repairing water damage can be extensive.
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Providing Sump Pump Servicing Locally

We have sump pump specialists located across England and Wales. By having engineers locally, we are able to fix your problem with your sump pump system as quickly as possible.

You can check if we cover your area by filling in our postcode checker down below.

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Contact Us for Sump Pump Servicing and Maintenance

If you are looking for a specialist sump pump maintenance company then Basement Sump and Pump Co is the right choice for you.

Our highly trained technicians are experts in their field and only work on basement sump and pumps so you can be safe in the knowledge that the heart of your dry basement system is in good hands!

For information about the maintenance, cleaning and installation of the sump pump then get in touch by contacting our team today by calling 0800 019 9949 or clicking the link below: