Basement pump servicing from the pump servicing specialists

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Basement pump servicing from the pump servicing specialists

Here’s a great example of a basement pump that our basement maintenance engineer came across in London recently. As you can see the pump was coated is deposits and as a result having a detrimental effect on the performance of the pump unit. You may think that build up was after many years faithful service keeping the basement dry but no – it was after only 2 years use!

Don’t just fit and forget – care for your basement sump and pump!

It is amazing how many people neglect their basement sump pump units having spent thousands on converting the basement in to a fantastic extra room. (For some ideas check out this article about converting your basement by Martin Roberts from the News of the World). Also, often with many basement waterproofing installers the terms of the guarantee state that the pump must be serviced annually to comply with the terms and conditions of the guarantee. 

Our comprehensive basement “Clean & Check” gives you the total peace of mind that your basement pump unit is working to the best of it’s abilities and keeping your basement how you want it – dry! To request a quotation for a “Clean & Check” call 0800 019 9949 or complete the on-line basement servicing request form.