Guess What’s hiding underneath all the lime scale?

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Guess What’s hiding underneath all the lime scale?

An ode to a ‘Clean and Check’

Two sad pumps sitting in their sump, both neglected and unloved, I’m not surprised they had the hump!

Then along come Rod armed with his ‘Clean and Check kit, he’d soon make sure that both were fighting fit!

As the first pump was lifted you could hear a sound of glee, and the second pump said “Hey, don’t forget me!”

The engineer worked hard removing all the dirt, the grime and filth was everywhere, some even on his shirt!

Valves and batteries  replaced  they both looked good as new, a classic case of a ‘Clean and Check’ that was definitely long overdue!

Back to the sump they went placed with care by our expert, ready to drain any water away to stop a flood alert!

Request a clean and checkOn a more serious note! Should you have a basement sump and pump system installed don’t forget to have it serviced. An annual basement pump servicing  in a majority of cases is required as part of the conditions of your guarantee. To arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ pump service from ourselves simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line ‘Clean and Check’ request form

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Give your basement sump and pump a treat!

This year has been one our wettest summers, and basement pumps across the country have been working overtime to keep basement dry.  The Basement Sump and Pump Co specialises in keeping your basement pumps in tip top condition, whatever the weather.  Why not treat your pump to a service to say ‘thank you for all your hard work’? After all, without the hard work of your basement pump your basement wouldn’t be the dry living space you’ve come to enjoy.

What a difference a Clean and Check can make to your basement sump pump

Below you can see an example of a recent sump pump unit that we were called upon to service. The build up of deposits you can see had happened in just a single year of usage. If the sump pump had continued to be used without a service  damage may have occured through blockages and deposits as well as potential flooding of the basement as the float that triggers the pump may have siezed.

A basement pump prior to having a service

A basement pump prior to having a service

Basement pump following service

Basement pump following service

After the ‘Clean and Check’ the sump pump was as good as new ready to give another years faithful service. To find out more about our ‘Clean and Check’ service for sumps give the team a call on 0800 019 9949

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The mystery of the foul smell in the kitchen…

Fat deposits from the pump

One of our basement pump engineers visited a  property recently after we received a phone call from a concerned customer in London worring about a bad smell in her kitchen that seemed to be coming from the basement.

Upon arrival at the property there indeed appeared to be an odour coming from the basement but only upon opening the basement pump did the engineer find the source of the odour. Fatty deposits in the water from the dishwasher were found to be clinging to the pump and float switch (See picture).  If  left untreated this would  have caused a potential flooding problem as the float switch would become too heavy and not rise with the water level. The float switch detects the amount of liquid in the sump and then activates the pump to remove the liquid from the sump chamber and avoid flooding.

On the base of pump the inlet holes had also become blocked with fatty deposits which would result in the water not being able to be sucked up by the pump and possible flooding of the basement had the owner not called in the Basement Sump & Pump Co to perform a ‘Clean & Check’ on the system.

Thankfully the relieved homeowner was spared a flooded basement!

Keeping your basement dry

To keep your basement sump and pump in tip top condition call us to arrange a ‘Clean and Check’ – don’t forget if you do not get your pump serviced you may also be invalidating your guarantee! Simply call 0800 019 9949 or complete our on-line request form for more information.