Everything You Need To Know About Macerators & Sewage Pumps

March 29, 2017

A macerator pump is a fast-moving rotating blade that breaks up toilet waste through piping and into a sewer or septic tank. They’re compact units usually found in bathrooms at the back of your toilet. If you need your macerator serviced please get in touch and we can provide you with more information on 0800 019 9949.

Sewage pumps are wastewater pumps that move sewage from your property to an outlet channel. They’re always found at the lowest point of your basement and are generally submerged most of the time. Discharge water from toilets, showers and washing machines will all be removed from your property via a sewage pump.

Before sump pump clean

 Before Service

Most sewage pumps at automatic, and in case of power failure, it’s recommended they’re fitted with a battery back-up system. The last thing you want in your basement is your sewage pump failing! We recommend having your sewage pump serviced at least once a year and your sewage chamber cleaned at least every 18 months.

To help you keep your sewage pump / macerator working in tip top condition we have compiled our list of the top items that you should not flush your toilet or sink:

Disposable baby wipes – even products described as ‘biodegradable’.
Paper towels – these items do not break down easily unlike normal toilet paper.
Sanitary towels and tampons
Dental floss – can become tangled in the grinder mechanism.
Plastic bags – incredibly people do flush plastic bags down lavatories!
Cotton wool buds – although small, these have been known to clog impellers.
Latex condoms / gloves – these are not biodegradable and can clog impellers.

After sump pump clean

After Service

At The Basement Sump & Pump Co. we are experts in servicing and maintaining sewage pumps. If you have any questions about your pump or need to book in a service, please give us a call on 0800 019 9949 or fill out our online form to request a service we’re here to help!

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